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Our goal is to be the preferred employer in our industry and to have an innovative work team, oriented towards the needs of the market, involved in a learning culture and with high performance standards.
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We are a leading company in Safety and Health in the country, we promote an excellent working environment and we offer training and opportunities for growth for those who want to be leaders in developing the company and their own career with us.

The philosophy of a learning culture

In a culture of continuous learning, the workforce develops skills to apprehend effectively.

A learning culture gives people the knowledge, tools and the resources to innovate not only in products and services, but also in work processes and practices. Our objectives is to include employees so that they want to contribute their ideas and experiences to reach our goals and to develop systematic learning activities, including training, personal development, and idea generation.

Human Talent Vision

“To be the preferred employer in our industry and to provide people with the opportunities to develop their talent and growth.”

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