Integral service for customer support

En UNACEM Ecuador proveemos asistencia técnica personalizada a nuestros clientes, desde el diseño de la obra hasta la aplicación eficiente de los productos.

In UNACEM Ecuador we promote the creation of long-term relations with our clients. For that purpose, we provide an integral service when providing customer support under the “all in one” practice.

Telephone lines nationwide

From Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00.

Telephone Exchange: 1800 UNACEM (862 236) / 1800 111 222
PBX: +593 2 397 7500
C: +593 9 97059 243

Other Services
  • Callback
  • Take Orders (Sales Orders)
  • Dispatch Programming and Information
  • Claims and Complaints
  • Collection Information
  • Post-Sales Service
  • Telephone Support

To learn more about product sales from the Selvalegre Family, you can contact us through our email: or cell phone number: +593 9 97052 778.

Technical Assistance

We provide personalized technical assistance for our customers, from the beginning of the work up until the efficient application of our products. For more information or request for assistance you can write us at the following email: or cell phone number: +593 9 97054 390