Quarry Rehabilitation

Acciones orientadas a minimizar los impactos ambientales y gestionar la biodiversidad de la zona adecuadamente.

In its mining concessions, Canteras y Voladuras S.A. is characterized for innovating, proposing and executing actions directed towards minimizing environmental impact and correctly managing the area’s biodiversity.

During operations, and after their closing, the company is concerned with the recovery of the concessions’ natural ecosystems, 100% of which have environmental management plans, community relations plans, and closing plans. These plans include: annual biotic monitoring, periodic water, soil, noise, dust monitoring, among others.

Cantyvol also has reforestation programs for industrial areas and communities in the areas, as well as environmental education programs with collaborators and communities.


Once Quinde Project concludes, an Agreement has been defined with Central University of Ecuador to rehabilitate the natural transfer area from the Selva Alegre quarry.

Rehabilitación Selvalegre

Pastaví II

Between 2010 and 2013 the Recovery Plan was carried out for this quarry, with an approximate investment of USD $68,000.

The area was intensely sowed and intervened to achieve an important revegetation in the least time possible.

Along with the community we have undertaken an apiarian project that also contributes to plant reproduction thanks to the bees’ pollinating function.

Proyecto apícola
Proyecto apícola


In Cumbas, rehabilitation works go hand in hand with the operations. An area of approximately 12.000 m2has been rehabilitated.